Twin Cities Lyme Foundation

Learn Who We Are And What We Do

blog By Twin Cities Lyme Foundation

Our organization is made up of people either suffering from Lyme disease or have someone close to them who is suffering.

We are a charity that works to change the lives of people affected by Lyme disease. By capturing the compassion and commitment of those willing to work together, we hope to ease the suffering experienced by Lyme disease affected families and aid in their efforts to receive appropriate healthcare.

Twin Cities Lyme Foundation is helping as many affected individuals as possible. Our aim is to expand their quality of living as they learn how to live a productive life, despite being diagnosed with Lyme disease.

Donations and frequent fundraising events constitute the bulk of the incoming funds used to provide grants for treatment and research.

Donations are sought and gladly accepted from the business community, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers and individuals alike. The basis of the Twin Cities Lyme Foundation philosophy is that no individual should have to go without a Lyme literate diagnosis. Early detection is critical in order to prevent a disease that could develop into a more predominant condition.